SEP 1-3,
EDDE 2022


Conference Schedule 1-3 SEP, 2022

Last updated: 1 SEP 2022, 8:44 IST


The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly disrupted our educational system as well as the teaching and learning of design-related courses. The face-to-face interaction in a studio was once considered the norm. Design educators, administrators, and students across the world now face a new challenge compounded by uncertainties during this period.
As we maneuver this new landscape, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that we are prepared to take on the challenges that await us. EDDE from Sep 1-3, 2022 is a design education conference in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the challenges and changes in pedagogy that came with it. The idea was born during a discussion between four academics working and teaching in different parts of the world.

The primary concern was to share their experiences and trials with each other to enhance and improve their pedagogical practice. The need was felt for extended dialogue and EDDE was born with the premise to provide a forum to connect, share and disseminate experiences leading to best practice in design education, via the virtual classroom mode.


The coined acronym EDDE* is a combination of two facets: ‘Education in Design’ and ‘Design in Education.’
The EDDE* conference is hosted by SCHOOL OF ARTS AND LETTERS, Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Indiana, USA, in collaboration with IDC SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, INDIA.

The Virtual Design Classroom

Inviting design educators to unlock the future of design education

How can design be taught effectively in a virtual environment? Does the virtualization of design education help the society it serves? Is the higher education market heading towards an educational revolution? How can we humanize the virtual experience? Is e-learning going to be the future? If so, how does design facilitate aesthetics and pragmatism in approaching an increasingly virtual environment?

These are some of the questions that compounded educators worldwide when the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon these new normals to the pedagogical world. Through EDDE 2022, we aim to bring together design academics, researchers, adjunct instructors, policymakers, administrators, practitioners, and design students at the post-secondary level who have been involved in online teaching and learning to share their experiences.

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